ODB Export Collective

Are you interested in importing award winning English beers?

The ODB Export Collective can offer a range of exciting British beers from independent breweries
As an Export Champion in the UK, the Old Dairy Brewery have been shipping their beers around the world for over 8 years. Old Dairy Brewery are now working in partnership with other independent breweries across Britain, to get the country's best beers in front of even more people.

About the collective

The Export Collective can offer a streamlined solution for all your British beer import requirements, including;

  • A single, central contact for managing orders
    All orders are consolidated by Old Dairy Brewery in Tenterden, Kent, England
  • A simple process of finances and transportation
    A single contact means a single invoice and all products sent within one

We can offer a range of different beer styles from traditional English beer to exciting craft beers – to suit all markets and tastes.

We can provide:

  • Bottle conditioned and sterile filtered beers
  • Vegan beers
  • Un-filtered beers
  • Un-fined beers
  • Gluten Free beers
  • Organic beers
  • Non-alcoholic beers

Formats: Cask, Pin, Bottle, Can and Keg.

We can brew bespoke beers specially brewed to suit your market needs and customer tastes.

We can ship anywhere in the world!

Find out more about South East Export Development.

International Distribution

Are you Interested in working with us to grow our International sales? Are you looking to import award winning British beers?

Please visit our international website:

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